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Nov. 16th, 2009

Been feeling sick for the last couple of days. Probably shouldn't have ate all that ice cream just now either. Also, I was in a Little Mermaid icon kind of mood or something.

Brentney's pics

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Brent snapped a picture of the sunset when we were on the St. Francisville ferry. We were getting back from the rodeo.


Time for another weird dream from me

I had been watching these people through the window in the side door of my house for a few minutes and got into some kind of argument with the main guy. He was tall, lanky, extremely thin and had on very tight ragged clothes and all I remember about the color was there were patches of white. The rest of his people weren't visible but I knew they were there. He was standing on my steps arguing with me through the window in the door.

My brother and I are alone in the house when they force their way into the side door by pushing the door/chain and widening a hole big enough for them to come in. I ran away from them and Brent ran towards them, I guess to stop them and save me. I never saw him again after this. :( They had started to pile in and I would guess there were a dozen of them.

I ran down the hall and grabbed my friend's old, tiny phone off my dad's dresser(?) and started dialing 911. The stupid buttons were so close I messed up and had to try again, so when someone picked up I started yelling "SHUT UP, SHUT UP!" to the operator. She was going through some scripted crap, and would not shut up. Finally she stopped and I started screaming "Send cops to (my address)!"

Before I could get it out a second time the main guy grabbed me by the hair and drug me outside. He was calling me a stupid whore and dumb bitch. It's probably the worse language I've ever had in my dreams and all I could think about was how he was going to kill me. I was terrified, but another thing crossed my mind... What if Brent was just hurt? I had to get the cops to my brother.

I broke loose from him and ran for the trailer next to my house but in the dream there were two and I went to the second one where it was actually very clean except for the counters, they were covered in food! Oddly shaped bottles and old paper plates were littered around, it was weird. I 'knew' no one had lived here in years, but the food smelled fine. Once I got into the house I somehow had a posse of older people to take care of. Including what looked like a rent-a-cop or just some old man the police let have a radio and uniform. I told him to radio the cops.

Before I had a chance to clean up the guy burst back in and grabbed me by me hair and started walking me around. His other men were coming out of holes in the roof and rooms I hadn't opened yet to smile at me. I'd say they were all around 27 and the head guy was more my age. I saw the elder cop walk slowly to the back when the main guy pulls my face to him and says "Try any of that and I'll kill them." I heard a grunt and a fall and I knew someone in the bathroom had killed the old man.

He handed me off to a woman and she pulled me out the door. I know this is going to sound weird, but she looked exactly like the woman thief in Home Alone 3. Suddenly we weren't in my yard anymore. This yard had snow in it and a pond of some sort that wrapped around the old trailer. It would have been pretty beautiful is some psycho wasn't holding me by the hair of my head and had both my arms behind me.

She told me I was going to die for trying to call the cops. She let go of me to hit me with something and I just booked it. I ran like no one has ever ran before. I'm pretty sure I ran over the water because I don't remember swimming. Across from this yard there were neighbors and I ran to an older, blonde woman's house. She let me in the door and said "This is what I was afraid of, the doors don't lock very well." I took a look around her house and it was made of screen panels, like a closed in porch, but there was hardly any wood. I could see outside and into the other screen houses. The house looked open and almost like it was made of windows the screen was so fine. It was beautiful but frail. I knew the woman would find me so I just ran out, she wouldn't kill the blonde lady, it would take too long to get back to me.

Then things turned to my favor. I ran from the house, down the street, and suddenly the tiny neighborhood that was filled with flimsy screen houses lead to a department store of some kind. I knew there would be rent-a-cops there and I would make it once I was in the store. I got in and started immediately getting all the r-a-cops together to catch the woman. In my mind I knew the police I had asked for earlier had already got the man and his men in the trailer.

I saw the back of her black-haired head as she tried to peruse the clothes like she was just another customer and sent my attack rent-a-cops after her, along with some helpful store patrons. They grabbed her she started shifting into things, until finally she settled on a cheeseburger(?!?!?!) and I had a nice portly lady hold her down should she try to change again. I called the real police and when a detective came in and saw us proudly pointing to a cheeseburger/culprit he just turned around and made to leave. I told the lady to drop the cheeseburger and she let it slop into the trash.

The detective turned around and when I looked back down into the trash the burger had grown into some medium sized ivy plant.

Then I woke up. What in the ever living fuck, y'all.

Oct. 14th, 2009

Remember when I laughed my ass off at this cover, Jessica? I think we were in the Dollar General in Erwinville. It came flooding back to me when I saw this.


See ya at the prison rodeo

My mom asked if I wanted to go to the Angola Rodeo. They've got to get the tickets so I don't even know when we're going. Here's the website. lol, warden Burl.

"The Angola Rodeo, the longest running prison rodeo in the nation, got its start in 1965."

"The success of the 1967 and 1968 rodeos prompted construction of a 4,500-seat arena for the 1969 rodeo. A near disaster occurred when the bleachers collapsed during one of the shows. Spectators weren't alarmed; most didn't even get up. They sat on the collapsed structure and continued to watch. The 1971 rodeo was the wettest in history, but the show went on."

"It is now an all-day full-blown arts and crafts festival, complete with entertainment and food galore. The arts and crafts festival begins at 9 a.m. and continues throughout the rodeo which begins at 2 p.m. each Sunday in October. Many fans come to the rodeo for the arts and crafts show alone."

I admit the biggest draw for me are the arts and crafts. I'd say I'd take pictures but cameras and phones aren't allowed on prison grounds.

"Prior purchase of tickets is recommended since many of the rodeos are sold out within one to two hours after the ticket booth opens at 9 AM."
Damn y'all.

I'm going to check out the museum too, hopefully.



Wow, I was like A MILLION PERCENT SURE I once wrote a lj entry on the 13th gate last year but I don't see it so... Anyway we might be going to the opening of the 13th gate tonight! Pretty much the best scare attraction in Louisiana. Some magazine thinks it's the best in the nation! :D

13th Gate Named Number 1 Haunted House in the Nation for Second Year in a row!
For the second year in the row Hauntworld Magazine and has honored us with this incredible accolade!

I'm so glad they took the screaming chick off the front page.

Last year we went twice and I was like a big wussy target. Three of the guys who just scare people in the inside line got all in my face and one guy followed me through a few different rooms before leaving me alone. Oh hey, big dead buddy. I tried to act like a clown wasn't bothering me and he picked just as I was walking by to lean in and get in my face XD. I had a chat with Jack Sparrow that calmed me down and then promptly got sprayed in the face by a huge kraken hiding in the dark.

This year I plan to wear a bright ass yellow shirt so I'm sure they'll be after me.

Here's some Youtubes of it. Mostly commercials

All the image galleries are from like three years ago when they had Psychosis, a crazy glow paint/killer clown type thing. I didn't go that year, but my brother did, and he will not set foot back there, lol.


I dreamed my cat had 9 puppies. They looked just like my brother's friend's ugly chihuahua. But awww puppies.


Sep. 7th, 2009

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I'll give this one to my mom. :3

My Uncle is drunk as a skunk trying to paint our doors "New Orleans Style Green". Surely, it can't be safe to smoke, drink something, and paint all at the same time. I can't wait to see how they turn out. If there's a hand print or cigarette burn I will most certainly take a picture.

Yesterday I watched "Last House of the Left" with my nanny. Awkward. Then after she showed me a bunch of pictures of me when I was a kid. LOL, apparently I was sitting right in the corner of just about every wedding picture at Parrain Joe's niece's wedding. So There are a ton of me with this 'GET ME OUT OF HERE' pout face ruining her wedding photos. Nanny told me not to worry, the marriage lasted for like a year. Anyway, who took those pictures? They were awful.

I need to ask if I can scan some of them. I look way trashy y'all.

clean clean clean

I've got to get the kitchen clean and put down the Sims. :(